Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Have You Ever Been To Lucketts?

Okay. So you have to you understand that Leesburg, Virginia is about 1,850 miles from my house in Albuquerque! And we drove there! But full disclosure. Visiting Lucketts Store was of course not the sole purpose of our trip. Nevertheless, we visited some amazing places along the way and this was one of them. So far this summer we have driven all the way from the Pacific to the Atlantic and back home again. It's treacherous out there! Not at all like the old days. So much traffic! But back to the fun part.

You may know that Marion Parsons (one of my most admired bloggers) of the wonderful blog Miss Mustard Seed has posted about Lucketts for years. I was just so thrilled to finally get there even though Marion has just left the building for a family move. Right now these first few shots are of what greets you at the door.

There is a huge variety of old and new vintage and vintage inspired stuff around the place. But I took shots mainly of what gets my own juices going. I hope you can relate! If you haven't been yet, here is a foretaste of something delightful.

I was shooting in natural light and so there is a dreamlike quality to the photos. But that captures just how I was feeling anyway!

I love as much as anything getting ideas for decorating and display. So many talented people gather to sell here. It's enormous! And beautifully painted furniture is one of the highlights.

These are images from the first floor. So elegant!

I couldn't stop taking pics of this fabulous chippy window on the landing.

And I loved all of the drama in this exciting room. Cloth was draped and ballooning right from the ceiling.

Such pretty French style pieces!

LOVE the drapes.

The contrasts are sumptuous!

Love this ornate metal grate.

Tons of gleaming silver.

And a dreamy linen room upstairs with lovely things imported from Europe and elsewhere.

These are all just shams.

Rooms full of gorgeous vintage.

Novel displays. 

Plenty of white for us addicts. . .

Expect to see all of your favorites!

I came away so inspired!

I loved this metal grate showing off the lighting from the ceiling.

I had so much fun! It really was a little daydream come true for me.

 So lucky to see Lucketts!

I hope you enjoyed it too!

So many of you commented about my own hometown from my last post. So very kind of you! Thanks so much! It really warms my heart.

Happy summer days ahead!


Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer in Old Town Albuquerque

Just a few snaps from my most recent jaunt to a historical part of Albuquerque. Besides a nice visit for our visitors from out of town, it's always pleasant to pop in and see what's happening on the square where you can see the oldest church found in these parts. It has had a recent face lift and looks especially venerable against our sunny blue skies.

A quick look at the beautiful cool interior of this humble place in Albuquerque history.

Old Town is pretty understated. It's best to take a leisure saunter through. My departed mom-in-law, Jane, used to say it reminded her of  Santa Fe in the old days before it had much notoriety. I especially like peeking through old gates off the square that are off limits.

But there are plenty of little nooks and alleys off the plaza that are open to everyone, with little shops to explore. Always something new. The old architecture is a treat all by itself. Old walls on a quiet afternoon in summer hold a delicious serenity. And I am often reminded of some old European village I have visited.

Beautiful gardens lie hidden away here and there. Do you know this plant? I haven't a clue.

But hollyhocks are present everywhere you go.

These pastel beauties are clustered on the small park square. High noon and my limited skills do not do them justice.

Local art.

Lots of souvenir shops, but lots else too. I did a recent post on a great new tea shop. That link is here.

I was going to delete these washed out photos, but they give you an idea of what the heat and light really is like on a July day here. But popping into a bit of shade with the merest breeze makes all the difference. 

I hope you're getting in some lazy afternoons too!

Happy Days!


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day!

I love small town celebrations on the 4th of July. To me they are mindful of the smaller themes of freedom. Home, family, the pursuit of happiness. No less profound than the larger patriotic themes that we celebrate on this day.

Summer seems the perfect time of year for any celebration, no matter where you are.

I remember most the mountain picnics of childhood where the watermelon and beer went into the stream to cool while we played a game of softball in a grassy field.

But these days I would rather stay near the comforts of home.

Certainly easier, and maybe a bit more potential for something decorative. (Which we love!)

Including all the basics of course! (Do you have a favorite recipe for the 4th?) My grandma made the best potato salad.

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful day today!


Happy Fourth of July!


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